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Large Capacity Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner , 20 - 95C Heater Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Large Capacity Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner , 20 - 95C Heater Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

    • Large Capacity Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner , 20 - 95C Heater Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner
    • Large Capacity Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner , 20 - 95C Heater Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Large Capacity Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner , 20 - 95C Heater Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Hong Sonic
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: HS-1030

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Units
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Wooden Case Packing
    Delivery Time: Depend On Quantity
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 10000 Units Per Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Tank Capacity: 108Liter Heat Power: 3KW
    Timer: 0~99Min Or 0-99H Heater: 20~95C
    Tank Size: 600*450*400mm Unit Size: 740*590*620mm
    Product Name: Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Ultrasonic Power: 1500W


    1.5KW Ultrasonic Power Sonic Cleaner For Aeroplane Parts With 108L Capacity


    How Sonic Cleaner Works?


    Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics. glass, rubber, and ceramics. This action also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses.

    The intention is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces. Water or other solvents can be used, depending on the type of contamination and the workplace. Contaminants may include dust, dirt, oil, pigments, rust, grease, algae, fungus, bacteria, lime scale, polishing compounds, flux agents, fingerprints, soot, wax and mold release agents, biological soils like blood, and so on.

    Ultrasonic cleaning can be used on a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, and may not require the part to be disassembled prior to cleaning. Objects must not be allowed to rest on the bottom of the device during the cleaning process, because that will prevent cavitation from taking place on the part of the object not in contact with water.


    Data Sheet Of HS-1030:


    Specifications for ultrasonic cleaner HS-1030



    Tank capacity


    Tank size


    Unit size


    Tank material

    2mm SUS304

    Ultrasonic power


    Heating power



    1-99h adjustable


    0-95c adjustable




    Inside generator, more stable


    Oil filter system, pneumatic lift, rinsing tank, etc.


    110V, 1phase; 220V, 3phases/220V, 1phase; 380V, 3phases


    1 year


    1unit/wooden case


    If this model is not suitable for your cleaning,please contact us for more detail.



    Customer's Feedback:


    Large Capacity Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner , 20 - 95C Heater Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Why sonic cleaning is better?


    1. Cleaning without scrubbing or spraying

    Ultrasonic cleaning depends on cavitation. Sound waves cause microscopic bubbles to form and collapse on the surfaces of the items being cleaned. Every time a bubble collapses, dirt and other contaminants are scrubbed off the part.

    Consider how much time must be spent making sure a component with an especially complex shape is truly clean: handling, scrubbing, spraying, inspecting, scrubbing again. Instead, you can immerse the part in an ultrasonic bath and know it will be spotless in 5 to 7 minutes.


    2. Cleaning without disassembly and reassembly

    Another feature of cavitation is that it reaches anywhere liquid can reach. That means almost all items can just be immersed in the ultrasonic cleaning unit’s tank without being disassembled. It also means you won’t have to pay a worker to take them apart and put them back together.


    3. Cleaning without rework, recoating or scrapping

    Any time a human handles a product, damage is a risk, and the more handling there is, the higher the risk. With ultrasonic cleaning, the added risk from hand cleaning is eliminated, greatly reducing the opportunities for a worker to ding, drop or mark a component.

    Once you eliminate hand cleaning, you also eliminate the possibility of overlooking contaminants. With ultrasonic cavitation removing everything from the surface there will be no oils, greases or other contaminants that might interfere with a later coating application. This saves you not only the cost the of reapplying but the cost of cleaning the component a second time and all the time needed to detect, document and correct problems caused by spray or hand cleaning.


    4. Cleaning without harsh chemicals and their associated labor costs

    The microscopic bubbles handle all the work in ultrasonic cleaning, so there’s no need for harsh chemicals to loosen or break down contaminants. Only a mild detergent is needed. That means you save the cost of training and safety gear (and the time spent donning and doffing it) as well as the cost of time spent on compliance and disposal. For that matter, you save the disposal costs, too!


    5. Cleaning without high maintenance machinery

    With no moving parts other than a filtration pump, an ultrasonic cleaner is much easier to maintain than an industrial spray washer, freeing your maintenance crew for other tasks.


    6. Cleaning without paying an employee to monitor the process

    Imagine the savings if a worker could just place items to be cleaned and walk away to another task. With our automation options, a basket of parts placed in the proper zone will be recognized by a smart sensor and moved through the cleaning cycle (with multiple cleaning and rinsing steps, if you require) and then placed in a retrieval area.

    Your most important resource is your people, and their knowledge, energy and time are virtually priceless. But like any other resource, those qualities can be wasted if you aren’t proactive in managing them. Ultrasonic cleaning is a great way to ensure you accomplish more together at a lower cost.

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