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108L 3KW Heater Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 - 95C Heated Available

108L 3KW Heater Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 - 95C Heated Available

    • 108L 3KW Heater Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 - 95C Heated Available
    • 108L 3KW Heater Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 - 95C Heated Available
  • 108L 3KW Heater Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 - 95C Heated Available

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Hong Sonic
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: HS-1030

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Wooden Case Packing
    Delivery Time: Depend On Quantity
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 10000 Units Per Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Packing Size: 1150x600x1000mm Unit Size: 740x590x620mm
    Tank Size: 600x450x400mm Tank Material: SUS304
    Frequency: 28KHz Time Range: 1-99H Adjustable
    Product Name: Ultrasonic Washing Machine Heater: 20-95C


    108L 3KW Heater Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner For Injection Mold 

    What Hongsonic Can Do For You?
    The contaminants produced by injection molding operations are tenacious. Examples include flashing, mold release compound, burned-on plastic residues, carbonization and vent outgas residue that if not safely removed will quickly shorten mold life.
    The solution is the powerful cavitation action of an ultrasonic cleaner that creates millions of minute bubbles in an ultrasonic cleaning bath comprised of water and a biodegradable ultrasonic cleaner concentrate. When the bubbles contact the surfaces of forms used for injection molding – even the smallest cracks, crevices and blind holes – they violently collapse to strip away contaminants without damaging surfaces. The process can take as little as 10 – 15 minutes although complex molds may require longer periods in the ultrasonic bath. The molds are then rinsed, dried and either stored for future use or put back on line.


    Specifications for ultrasonic cleaner HS-1030
    Model HS-1030
    Tank capacity 108L
    Tank size 600*450*400mm
    Unit size 740*590*620mm
    Tank material SUS304 Or SUS316
    Ultrasonic power 1500W
    Heating power 3KW
    Timer 1-99h adjustable
    Heater 0-85c adjustable
    Frequency 40khz
    Control Inside generator, more stable
    Optional Oil filter system, pneumatic lift, rinsing tank, etc.
    Voltage 110~140V,200~240V Single phase
    Warranty 1 year
    Packing 1unit/wooden case

    If this model is not suitable for your cleaning requirement, please contact our sales team for other recommendation.
    Cleaning Effect:
    108L 3KW Heater Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 - 95C Heated Available


    The Things You Should Know Before Buying:

    The cleaning ability of ultrasonics depends on several key factors:

    • Cleaning solution: The type of detergent required is dependent upon the process and type of resin you run, which leaves behind specific types of off-gassing residue. Highly alkaline solutions such as sodium hydroxide do the best job of removing stubborn contaminants, light rust, and heavy grease on most tooling and plates, with no harm to most platings and coatings. On the downside it can be caustic, posing a potential health risk, and may require neutralization before disposal, depending upon local codes.

    Mild alkaline solutions also are available that perform well on many residues without the caustic issues. But in general, the friendlier the detergent, the less effective it will be on stubborn contaminants.


    Slightly acidic solutions, such as those containing low concentrations of citric acid, excel at rust and oxide removal, but must be used with caution on some tool steels because they can react with the iron in the steel, turning it gray. This normally does not cause a technical problem but doesn’t sit well with toolmakers.
    There also are several environmentally safe detergents being used that do a fair job of removing most contaminants left from resins in use today. Combined with a minimal amount of hand scrubbing on heavily contaminated areas, these user-friendly solutions are gaining popularity with companies simply because of their ease of disposal, less mess, and safer working conditions.

    • Ultrasonic power and frequency: Cleaning heavy mold plates and tooling requires use of heavy-duty equipment and not your typical ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. The amount of power (wattage) needed depends on the tank size and the type of load to be cleaned. For a tank of 70 gal (approx. 30 x 30 x 30 in.), 3000 watts at 40 kHz performs well.
    • Transducer type and construction: The heart of the ultrasonic system, transducers come in two types: (1) magnetostrictive and (2) piezoelectric. Magnetostrictive transducers are typically more rugged and create the most aggressive cavitation action.

    The best transducers also are zero-spaced and silver-brazed to the tank rather than bolted or epoxy-glued, because the latter have more tendency to fail slowly over time. Transducers may be placed at specific locations in the tank to correlate with the size and configuration of plates being cleaned.

    • Tank design and construction: Buy a tank large enough to fully immerse your largest mold plates. You will regret saving a few bucks to get a small tank that will require you to flip the mold plates over for complete cleaning. Also make sure the tank is constructed of at least 12-gauge stainless steel and be sure to have the manufacturer weld a few support bars across the bottom to keep plates and tooling baskets from resting directly on the bottom of the tank.


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